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“Hold On … Is That Van Johnson?” A TZ Disc Mystery

Ever look at something a hundred times, and then — on the 101st — notice something odd?

Prime Mover2

That sounds like the set-up to a Twilight Zone episode, I know. Alas, it’s something a bit more mundane. But stick with me for a couple minutes. This little mystery is a quick one.

Recently, I was pulling out the fourth disc of Season 5 from my boxed set of Twilight Zone DVDs, when my eyes fell on the small picture on the back cover next to “Queen of the Nile”. As you can see, there’s a thumbnail pic beside each title and description.

TZ S5 D4 back cover3

Then I took a closer look. Sure enough, there’s Ann Blyth, the star of the episode. She’s next to … wait, that’s not Lee Phillips, her co-star. That’s … Van Johnson? Read the rest of this entry

Counting Down to the New Year’s Eve TZ Marathon

Getting ready for a two-day Twilight Zone marathon takes planning. Even in the characters in the fifth dimension got in on the act this year.
8 (4)

So my friend Wendy Brydge and I decided to chronicle them throughout December, with our daily #TZMarathonCountdown tweets. I took the “odd” days, while Wendy took the “even” days. Here’s what we came up with:

Day 1: The “What You Need” guy is stocking up on popcorn, chips, and caffeine pills.

Day 2: Gregory West uses his dictation machine to program the marathon with all of Mary’s favourite episodes.

Day 3: Jason Foster orders the favors for his New Year’s Eve TZ Marathon party: TZ character masks for each guest. Read the rest of this entry

Top Ten Reasons to be Thankful in the Twilight Zone

With its twist endings and ironic turns of fate, even the most die-hard Twilight Zone fan might have trouble believing there’s much to give thanks for in the fifth dimension. But it turns out there are reasons to be grateful even in that elusive “middle ground between light and shadow”.

1 (2)

So here, to peruse sometime after the pumpkin pie and coffee is served, are the Top Ten Reasons to be Thankful in the Twilight Zone:

10) You finally got that new bomb shelter built — just in time to show the neighbors!

9) Global Airlines is offering half-off fares to the Jurassic era.

8) All that canned turkey you found? The old man in the cave says it’s safe to eat!

7) Maya the Cat Girl has a new roller coaster she can’t wait to show you.
Read the rest of this entry

Why You Can’t Sleep

Yesterday, I noticed #10ReasonsWhyYouCantSleep was trending on Twitter — and inspiration struck. Why not do a Twilight Zone edition?

No reason at all. So here are the top 10 reasons you might be tossing and turning in the fifth dimension:

10) Talky Tina’s been giggling more than usual lately.

9) Hard to think good thoughts about little Anthony when you dream about throttling the little SOB.

8) Damn slot machine won’t stop croaking “Fraaaaanklin!” Read the rest of this entry