Where to Watch TZ

The world’s greatest anthology series isn’t as easy to find as it should be (especially if you’re outside the U.S.). But where can you get your fifth-dimension fix? Good question.

YouTube, you say? Good luck with that. CBS polices it pretty closely. Complete episodes get taken down quickly.

Me-TV or Syfy? That’s a better option, yes, but you have to watch it (or DVR it) on someone else’s schedule. And let’s not forget the fact that reruns often have whole scenes chopped out and are filled with commercials.

It’s better to stream TZ if possible. That way, you can see it uncut and in HD quality. It’s no longer on Netflix or Hulu, but you can find it on Paramount Plus (which is available either on its down or through Amazon Prime. Click here to see what plans are available.

But the best option, for my money, is on disc — either DVD or Blu-ray. Sure, it lacks the convenience of streaming (something that I, a daily train rider, really value), but you get every episode in pristine condition, and some cool extras as well: commentaries and other fun odds and ends, etc.

Wherever you get your passport stamped, though, I hope you enjoy your journey to a land of shadow and substance …

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