My “Freshly Pressed” Posts

NOVEMBER 2012: Awards? Bah! We don’t need them to know we’re good, right?

True. All that is good is not recognized, and all that is recognized is not good. And yet … we’re human. It’s nice to be praised.

So when I learned that the Wordpress editors had selected my post “Conformity’s Critical Eye” to be “Freshly Pressed,” it felt good. Really good.


Even better, it was a post about my favorite episode of The Twilight Zone, “Eye of the Beholder”. That made it feel like a special triumph.

It was subsequently named as an Editors’ Pick for November 2012, with this commentary attached:

We read a variety of entertainment reviews and analyses — for books, movies, TV shows, and the like. Paul’s focus on “The Eye of the Beholder,” an episode of The Twilight Zone, has it all: a recap with just the right amount of detail, and his own commentary seamlessly weaved in. The tightly focused post comments on something larger and universal: the desire to fit in, “to live a life in which you are merely an interchangeable cog in a vast wheel.” In short, this Shadow & Substance post is smart pop culture commentary.

What a nice honor. Thank you, WP editors. And of course … thank you, Rod.

FP November Editor's Pick


APRIL 2014: When I heard that Mickey Rooney had died, I couldn’t help but feel like a piece of the Serling-verse had died, too. I mean, here was a man who was not only a colossal talent, but someone with connections to all three phases of Serling’s career.

So it was bittersweet to create a blog post to honor Rooney … and then have that post be Freshly Pressed.

FPed April 17-14

I titled it “Last Night of a Legend” to play off of Rooney’s Twilight Zone episode, “Last Night of a Jockey.” But I also wanted to spotlight his work in the 1957 live teleplay “The Comedian” (which earned Serling his third Emmy) and his role as a mafia crime boss in the Night Gallery episode “Rare Objects.”

My hope was to bring something new to the avalanche of tributes being paid to Rooney. Judging from the flood of views, likes and comments that ensued, I think it worked. As a fan of the work he did for Serling and others, I couldn’t be more pleased.

  1. Your piece certainly deserved to be Freshly Pressed, Boss. And to make Editor’s Pick. It’s a true literary masterpiece. You outdid yourself writing it and I was more than happy to assist. In fact, I’m honoured to have been a part of this with you.

    It was a treat to watch it all come together, and I love that it was the start of a real partnership for us. You’re going to be Freshly Pressed AGAIN one of these days. Just you wait and see. ;)

    • Well, GF, I’ll let you in on a little secret. Once I said I planned to write a post about this episode, you’d remind me from time to time, and tell me how much you were looking forward to it. So if that post is a masterpiece, it’s because I was determined to live up to your expectations for it.

      You helped me dig deep, my friend. And I can’t thank you enough.

      And Freshly Pressed AGAIN? Hmm, what will our next post be, you think? ;)

      • Hmm, hard to say, my friend. Could be the next installment of “Ladies of the Fifth Dimension”, or perhaps a little exposé on the relationship between the Major and Ballerina in “Five Characters In Search of An Exit.” Who’s to say, Boss? When we put our heads together, the possibilities are endless. ;)

      • Yes, truly endless. And isn’t that a big part of TZ’s appeal? Can’t wait to collaborate closely again, GF — and soon. :)

  2. Hey Paul–great blog! check out all my Twilight Zone projects–especially my coffee table book, Visions from The Twilight Zone (Chronicle Books, 1991)–on my site: …and e-mail me at:

    • Thanks, Arlen! Your TZ projects look terrific. If somebody doesn’t get me the coffee-table book for Christmas, I’ll buy one for myself!

  3. Pst! Boss! A second post Freshly Pressed… *whispers* I told ya so. ;)

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