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Serling on Science Fiction

Is science fiction a low form of literature, consumed only by a small, niche audience? Not according to Rod Serling.


In a 1970 interview with professor and author James Gunn (you can watch it below), he explains that science fiction is a more sophisticated form of literature than many critics tend to assume — and one with a much wider audience:

I think the networks have traditionally, and almost ritualistically, short-changed the science-fiction audience, both qualitatively & quantitatively. I don’t think … they’ve given the proper respect to science fiction as a legitimate area of literary attempt. So number one, I think … it’s a high-level literary form, and number two, I think it’s much more than a small cotre of loyal viewers who have read “Amazing Stories” and want to go on. I think it’s a sizeable group, particularly amongst the young.RS3 Read the rest of this entry