Serling’s Re-Zoning Efforts

Rod Serling wrote SERLINGan astounding 92 scripts for The Twilight Zone, almost two-thirds of its 156 episodes. Most of these were original ideas of Serling’s, but 24 of them were based on stories by other writers. These range from published short fiction to unpublished story ideas.

These posts compare the completed episodes to the original story, in an effort to showcase Serling’s contributions.

The Four of Us Are Dying
(an adaptation of George Clayton Johnson’s “All of Us Are Dying”)

And When the Sky Was Opened
(an adaptation of Richard Matheson’s “Disappearing Act”)

To Serve Man
(an adaptation of Damon Knight’s “To Serve Man”)

Time Enough at Last
(an adaptation of Lynn Venable’s “Time Enough at Last”)

Third From The Sun
(an adaptation of Richard Matheson’s “Third From The Sun”)

It’s a Good Life
(an adaptation of Jerome Bixby’s “It’s a Good Life”)

(an adaptation of George Clayton Johnson’s “Execution”)

“People Are Alike All Over”
(an adaptation of Paul Fairman’s “Brothers Beyond the Void”)

“Still Valley”
(an adaptation of Manly Wade Wellman’s “The Valley Was Still”)

“What You Need”
(an adaptation of Lewis Padgett’s “What You Need”)

“The Old Man in the Cave”
(an adaptation of Henry Slesar’s “The Old Man”)

“The Hitch-Hiker”
(an adaptation of Lucille Fletcher’s radio play “The Hitch-Hiker”)

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