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To Serve Twilight Zone Fans

I have news for you, ladies and gentlemen. I have discovered that … people are alike all over.

Fortunately, I’m not saying that from behind the bars of an interplanetary zoo. No, the resemblance I’m referring to is much more benign than a penchant for treating other races as if they were a species to be gawked at.

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I’m talking about a love for the works of Rod Serling, and more specifically, his landmark TV series, The Twilight Zone. It’s been exactly three years since I began hosting the Night Gallery Twitter page, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the last 1,096 days, it’s that you can find Serling fans everywhere.

Men and women, adults and children, from every race, creed and color you can imagine. People from every spot on the political and religious spectrums. Individuals who would never talk to each other in “real life” follow this page, united in a love for the work of one of the 20th century’s most beloved writers. Read the rest of this entry

The Strike-Out Zone

#WorstPickUpLines was trending on Twitter recently, and the results were painfully amusing. Crafting a smooth ice-breaker is hard, but coming up with a way to flub it? All too easy.

And When the Sky Was Opened1

You might assume that the men and women of The Twilight Zone, with their classy wardrobes and a sense of style that’s sadly absent today, would have it easier than those of us stuck in a more “normal” dimension. But that’s not the case. You can swing and miss even in a world replete with sly genies, magic spells and love potions.

Which led me to create this list of 10 TZ-style #WorstPickUpLines …

Kind of Stopwatch1 Read the rest of this entry