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SyFy’s July 4, 2016 Twilight Zone Marathon Schedule

When it comes to Twilight Zone marathons, nothing tops New Year’s Eve. The last one was particularly impressive, with Syfy airing an expanded slate: all 156 episodes, in high-definition, in broadcast order.

TZ marathon

But close behind the NYE marathon in popularity is the July 4th one. So here, in case you’re planning some fireworks, a cookout, or some other summer fun, is the schedule for this year’s marathon:

July 3, 2016

11:30pm – A Kind of Stopwatch

July 4, 2016

12:00am – Night Call

12:30am The Changing of the Guard

1:00am – The 7th is Made Up of Phantoms

1:30am – Probe 7 – Over and Out

2:00am – The Last Flight

2:30am – The Little People Read the rest of this entry

Why An “Interactive” TZ Is A Contradiction in Terms

When it comes to Twilight Zone reboots, many fans fall firmly on one side or the other: They either love the idea, or they hate it. As for me … I’m somewhere in the middle.


That’s not my natural diplomacy talking. The thought of a new TZ honestly does intrigue me. I want to explore other parts of the fifth dimension. Heck, I want TZ to find new fans!

But as I explained in a previous post, I’m wary. I know what an incredibly tall order such an assignment would be. Success is possible, but it’s quite a long shot.

You can’t just write a bunch of weird stories and call it The Twilight Zone. If what you come up with could just as easily be anything from Alfred Hitchcock Presents to Tales from the Crypt, why even put the TZ label on it (other than to cash in on the name)? Read the rest of this entry