Top Ten Reasons to be Thankful in the Twilight Zone

With its twist endings and ironic turns of fate, even the most die-hard Twilight Zone fan might have trouble believing there’s much to give thanks for in the fifth dimension. But it turns out there are reasons to be grateful even in that elusive “middle ground between light and shadow”.

1 (2)

So here, to peruse sometime after the pumpkin pie and coffee is served, are the Top Ten Reasons to be Thankful in the Twilight Zone:

10) You finally got that new bomb shelter built — just in time to show the neighbors!

9) Global Airlines is offering half-off fares to the Jurassic era.

8) All that canned turkey you found? The old man in the cave says it’s safe to eat!

7) Maya the Cat Girl has a new roller coaster she can’t wait to show you.

6) The Mystic Seer said you might be able to leave town by next Thursday.

Nick of Time15

5) Anthony promised to let you watch the Macy’s parade the next time he “makes television.”

4) Remember how unbearably hot it was when the sun slipped its orbit? Turns out it was just a dream!

3) The Kanamits let you move up 10 spots on the waiting list to visit their planet.

2) You finally caught the Howling Man, and the hotel maid agreed to watch his cell!

1) The latest “Alicia” model robots? All weigh less than 15 pounds.

Can you think of any others? Feel free to add them below. And a Happy Thanksgiving to all!



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Hope to see you in some corner of the fifth dimension soon!

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  1. There’s a window seat available on your flight home from the asylum.

  2. Bill Slaughter

    1.The train will stop in Willoughby. Next time.

    2. You think it may be a bit crowded at the table today but there’s always “Room for one more”

    3. When it comes to Thanksgiving its true “People are alike all over”

    4 Templeton won’t be dining alone today. All his friends will be there.

  3. Very clever, GF! And guess what? I’m thankful for you, too. And not just because you help make my blog look so good! You’re very much appreciated, my friend. :)

  4. That’s my favorite Twilight Zone episode with Burgess Meredith!
    They were each classic, but that was my fav.
    Had to say!

    • Yes, he was such a good actor that it’s hard to pick, but “Time Enough at Last” is such a landmark episode. Good choice!

  5. Howard Manheimer

    The temperature should be below 100 degrees tomorrow, the sun will be behind the cloud cover….. as we hurtle gradually toward it! Mr. Dingle became a shoplifter today, he lifted a Woolworth’s store with one hand! The real Martian gave us a hand while we were moving across town, while the Venusian kept an eye on the proceedings!

  6. Bill Shatner was so happy you decided to give him your seat on the flight you were on stand-by for.

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