Counting Down to the New Year’s Eve TZ Marathon

Getting ready for a two-day Twilight Zone marathon takes planning. Even in the characters in the fifth dimension got in on the act this year.
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So my friend Wendy Brydge and I decided to chronicle them throughout December, with our daily #TZMarathonCountdown tweets. I took the “odd” days, while Wendy took the “even” days. Here’s what we came up with:

Day 1: The “What You Need” guy is stocking up on popcorn, chips, and caffeine pills.

Day 2: Gregory West uses his dictation machine to program the marathon with all of Mary’s favourite episodes.

Day 3: Jason Foster orders the favors for his New Year’s Eve TZ Marathon party: TZ character masks for each guest.

Day 4: Peter Corrigan time-travels to 2013. The Potomac Club will enjoy the marathon in hi-def on a 52″ flat screen.

Day 5: To demonstrate their good faith, the Kanamits arrange for showings of the marathon on IMAX screens nationwide.

Day 6: Jerry, Frank, and Marty are helping Bill enlarge his bomb shelter in time for the neighbourhood marathon party.

Day 7: The residents of Maple Street install back-up generators at every house for marathon night — just in case.

Day 8: Brother Jerome has the Howling Man’s cell reinforced. He always sneaks into the presbytery to watch the marathon.

Day 9: Henry makes a “big tall wish” that all of his favorite TZ episodes will be on, and Bolie will watch with him.

Day 10: Don Carter reserves a table at the Busy Bee for NYE. That way he and Pat can dance during the commercials.

The Hitchhiker10

Day 11: Marsha and the other mannequins sneak a 52-inch HD TV up to the ninth floor to watch the marathon.

Day 12: On the other side, Grandma gets set up with a new laptop so that she and Billy can Skype during the marathon.

Day 13: Instead of “Going my way?”, the hitch-hiker is asking: “Going someplace I can watch the Twilight Zone marathon?”

Day 14: Norma and Mrs. Bronson buy electric blankets and have a woodstove installed. Ice age? Pft. It’s marathon time!

Day 15: Rocky tries to watch the TZ marathon, gets only static: “Now I KNOW I’m not in Heaven.”

Day 16: Julia convinces Bob to book a flight on New Year’s Eve by telling him the marathon will be airing on the plane.

Day 17: Peaksville citizens are amping up their good thoughts that Anthony will “make television” with the marathon.

Day 18: Haley and Ross set up a friendly competition: Who can throw the best marathon party? Winner colonizes earth.

Day 19: Lew Bookman convinces Mr. Death to let him stick around long enough to watch the marathon with Maggie.

Day 20: Johnny Rob, Mothershed & Steinhart bet: Will Conny go up to Pinto’s grave again THIS year during the marathon?

It's a Good Life8

Day 21: The “Rip Van Winkle Caper” gang sets an alarm to stop their century-long sleep long enough to see the marathon.

Day 22: Bunny Blake returns to Howardville, inviting the town to watch the marathon in the high school auditorium.

Day 23: The typewriter, the radio and the TV keep saying, “Don’t forget the marathon, Finchley!”

Day 24: Henry Corwin wraps up Twilight Zone DVD box sets to make sure everyone can enjoy the marathon in some way!

Day 25: Fats Brown and Jesse Cardiff have a pool-game rematch: Loser buys the refreshments for their marathon party.

Day 26: Aboard the Kanamit ship: “Please, Mr. Chambers, eat. You can’t enjoy the marathon without snacks!” *gulp* O_O

Day 27: Edward realizes that staying awake to avoid Maya the Cat Girl will at least help him view the entire marathon.

Day 28: Henry Bemis goes on a buying spree at the bookstore. Satellite reception in the bank vault can be spotty.

Day 29: The astronauts in “Elegy” ask Wickwire for a new “greatest wish”: to be watching the TZ marathon.

Day 30: Ballerina cues up “Auld Lang Syne”, Major turns on @Syfy, Clown spikes the punch, Hobo & Piper dish up treats!

Day 31: Archibald Beechcroft uses his mind-concentration powers to pull every ad from the marathon.

It's a Good Life7

Whether you followed these tweets daily, or read them for the first time in this blog post, we hope you enjoyed this year-end bit of whimsy. Wishing you all a great 2014!


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Hope to see you in some corner of the fifth dimension soon!

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  1. Not surprisingly, this was great fun, Boss! I thoroughly enjoyed writing this year’s special hashtag tweets with you. Can’t wait to see what we come up with for next year!

    And what perfect timing with this post. Missed you terribly today, but now we’re back to live-tweeting the TZ marathon together! And it’s almost midnight! There’s no one else I’d rather ring in the new year with than you! Cheers, my friend! Here’s to a wonderful 2013, and may 2014 be even better! :D

    • When I want to enjoy a special project, I know exactly what to do: get my best friend involved. You’re right, GF, this was a lot of fun to do. 2014 will be “even better,” I’m sure, as long as I have my live-tweeting companion along for the ride! :D

  2. Happy New Year–and enjoy my essay on the New Year’s Eve Twilight Zone Marathon on the pop culture site, Den of Geek; here’s an excerpt: “…You gotta love the TZ Marathon no matter how chopped up they are, and no matter where you rank on the Twilight Zone totem pole of trivia and/or knowledge, because these Hall of Fame television episodes—these gems of storytelling substance and economy, saying more philosophically and metaphysically in 23 minutes than other shows muster in an entire season—these works of video art one might give to the aliens as representative of the best television earthmen ever made—are simply, as writer Earl Hamner, Jr. told Marc Zicree, author of the definitive episode guide, The Twilight Zone Companion (full disclosure: I designed the cover), ‘…great stories well told.'”

    • I couldn’t agree more, Arlen. These are indeed “works of video art” and even in “chopped up” form, they stand head and shoulders above the competition. I read your article on New Year’s Day, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Hope you’ll be back soon.

  3. FYI, my essay, “The Five Themes of The Twilight Zone” can act as a kind of “viewers’ guide” to the Marathon:

  4. Dariane Schwartz

    Chatty Cathy was the doll by Mattel.

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