Here’s Your Chance to Win Tickets to See TZ on the Big Screen

Planning to go see Twilight Zone on the big screen? Well, how would you like to have free tickets?

As many of you have probably heard by now, Fathom Events is hosting a one-day event, “The Twilight Zone: A 60th Anniversary Celebration”, on Thursday, November 14, at 7 p.m. It consists of a new documentary short titled “Remembering Rod Serling” and six classic TZ episodes:

  • Walking Distance
  • Time Enough at Last
  • The Invaders
  • The Monsters are Due on Maple Street
  • Eye of the Beholder
  • To Serve Man

I think most fans would agree that, even if you’ve seen these episodes many times before, it would be a unique and fun experience to watch them on the big screen. And now Fathom Events has graciously agreed to offer my blog followers a chance to snag some free tickets!

I have five pairs of tickets (10 total) to give away. You can enter for a chance to win this random drawing by sending an email with “TZ at 60” in the subject line to nightgallery(at)rocketmail(dot)com. Be sure and include your name and (this is important) the AMC theater you’d like to see the movie at.

To see which theaters in your area are hosting the TZ at 60 event, plug in your zip code at AMC theaters are preferred (don’t ask me why), but if you don’t have an AMC one near you, you can select a Regal or Cinemark theater instead.

Time is short. I need to have those emails by noon EST on Thursday, November 7. Good luck!


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Hope to see you in some corner of the fifth dimension soon!

About Paul

Fanning about the work of Rod Serling all over social media. If you enjoy pics, quotes, facts and blog posts about The Twilight Zone, Night Gallery and Serling's other projects, you've come to the right place.

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  1. Michael Poteet

    Email sent! Thanks for running the giveaway, Paul!

  2. Good luck, and thanks for the opportunity Paul!

    Please don’t enter me as a theater is farther out than I care to go.

  3. Richard Blatt

    Thanks for the cool contest. i hope that I entered it correctly.

  4. Wow, Paul, what a cool thing to do! Unfortunately I already have a gig that date and time, but I wish your other entrants the best of luck in winning a ticket!

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