Syfy’s 2019-2020 New Year’s Twilight Zone Marathon Schedule — Part I

A lot of questions come to mind when December rolls around: Will we get snow on Christmas Eve? How many lights should we put on the tree? What will Henry Corwin … er, Santa bring me?

But if you’re a Rod Serling fan, there’s a good chance you’re also wondering: Will Syfy host its annual Twilight Zone marathon?

The answer, I’m glad to report, is as predictable as the entrees on a Kanamit dinner menu: Yes! It all begins at 6 a.m. on December 31.

When does it end? I’ll have to save that for my next post, but it won’t take long before I have the full schedule in front of you. In the meantime, here’s how it will begin …

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

6:00am — One for the Angels

6:30am — Mr. Denton on Doomsday

7:00am — The Sixteen-Millimeter Shrine

7:30am — Walking Distance

8:00am — Escape Clause

8:30am — Perchance to Dream

9:00am — Judgment Night

9:30am — And When The Sky Was Opened

10:00am — What You Need

10:30am — The Four of Us Are Dying

11:00am — Third From The Sun

11:30am — The Fever

12:00pm — The Last Flight

12:30pm — The Purple Testament

1:00pm — Elegy

1:30pm — A World of Difference

2:00pm — Long Live Walter Jameson

2:30pm — People are Alike All Over

3:00pm — Execution

3:30pm — The Big Tall Wish

4:00pm — A Nice Place to Visit

4:30pm — Nightmare as a Child

More to come!

(Editor’s note, December 17: And here it is:


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Hope to see you in some corner of the fifth dimension soon!

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  1. Richard Weatherford

    Cool i am glad it is back!

  2. I just watched a clip this morning from Number 12 looks just like you. It came from reading about beauty and the Age of the Instagram face.
    I want make up and some cosmetic fixes, but in the end, I want to look like me!

    It looks like a good line up!

    • That’s the perfect way to approach it, I think. There’s nothing wrong with some cosmetic fixes here and there, but in the end, we should definitely want to look like ourselves and not someone else.

      And yes, I’m glad to see they’re starting off with so many Season 1 episodes! Some very strong entries so far.

  3. Thank you for always keeping on top of this. This week the TZ has been crossing my mind. It’s great to have a list.

    • It’s such a tradition that I believe a lot of people start thinking about TZ as soon as the Christmas season gets underway. Glad you like the post!

  4. Can’t wait, watch every year with my family !!!!.

  5. The best thing about retirement, Paul is that I’ll be home on New Years Eve for the first time in years. We used to get out at noon, but look at what i’d be missing! Thanks for chasing this down for us.

  6. Penny Williams

    Every year my sister & I watch the Twilight Zone Marathon! We prepare our famous chili with texas toast (not to mention all our snacks in between) and bring in the New Year with Rod Serling. Our favorite episode is “A Stop At Willoughby”. We are safe & stay up all night.

    Thank you Syfy for doing this every year!

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