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Romancing the Zone

Think of The Twilight Zone, and the word “romance” hardly leaps to mind. The home of malevolent dolls, hostile aliens and unpredictable time travel seems an unlikely place to make a love connection, right?

Not necessarily. Go a little deeper, and you find all kinds of flirtation in the fifth dimension. You just have to know where to look.


But fear not. With the help of fellow TZ fan Wendy, I did the looking for you. Beginning on Feb. 1, we did our own daily countdown to Valentine’s Day with tweets that we hashtagged #BeMyTZValentine. The idea was to take a TZ episode and dream up a little date for the couple that starred in it.

My policy is always “ladies first,” so Wendy started us off and took all the odd-numbered dates, while I took the even-numbered ones. Here’s what we came up with. The episode name is in parentheses:

Feb. 1: Don loads the Mystic Seer with his own special fortunes for Pat. “Does he love me?” Fortune: ~More than life itself~ (Nick of Time)

Feb. 2: Gregory uses his dictation machine to create a candlelit dinner for him and Mary, complete with flowers and a fire. (A World of His Own) Read the rest of this entry