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A Doorway to Sanity: “A Stop at Willoughby”

A high-paying job at a prestigious firm. An expensive home in a nice part of town. A wife dressed in the latest fashions.

Gart Williams has it all. Yet he’s miserable. Why? Take a closer look.


The job comes with a boss who whips him like a racehorse and berates him in front of others. The home is filled with fancy belongings he couldn’t care less about. The wife loves only his paycheck and belittles him at every turn.

Small wonder that Gart Williams, the main character in The Twilight Zone’s “A Stop at Willoughby,” stirs up so much sympathy. His plight is a universal one. Anyone can understand his desire to escape such a miserable existence.


We’re rooting for Gart, and ultimately ourselves, when Rod Serling, in a script filled with poignant and lyrical touches, asks the ultimate question: How do you escape when you have nowhere to go? Read the rest of this entry