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Paging Dr. Rhodes …

Every now and then someone who’s watching reruns of Night Gallery will ask me, “How many episodes did Gary Collins star in?”

Technically, none. When you see a Gallery episode that stars Collins as Dr. Michael Rhodes, you’re watching what was originally a separate show. Known as “The Sixth Sense,” it was later included in the Gallery syndication package. Why? Simple. There weren’t enough Gallery episodes.

Gary Collins

When Night Gallery ended its run 15 episodes into its third season, only 43 episodes (not story segments) had been produced. TV stations want more than that, generally, so as not to show the same rerun too frequently. So Universal, the studio behind the show, resorted to two tricks to inflate the number of episodes:

  1. Cutting the 28 hour-long episodes from seasons 1 and 2 into half-hour shows. This necessitated some horrendous editing, by the way, which I’ll cover in a separate post.
  2. Turning the 25 episodes of “The Sixth Sense,” which was cancelled shortly into its second season, into Gallery episodes. To do this, they paid Serling to film new, Gallery-style introductions. Read the rest of this entry