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Night Gallery Headed for a Blu-ray Release at Last

I remember when I first saw Rod Serling’s Night Gallery in its original form. Not the exact date, no, but the year: 2004. That’s when NBC Universal issued Season 1 on DVD.

Until then, Gallery fans had only one choice: the reruns that aired on Syfy (and elsewhere) in the 1980s and ’90s. They were larded with commercials, of course, but worse, they were part of the Syndication Edit. I have a link at the end to explain what I mean by that, but the upshot is that the Night Gallery I’d been watching until 2004 was a poor substitute for the episodes that first aired between 1969 and 1973.

Season 1 is the shortest, though: only six hour-long episodes. Sure, the DVD set included the pilot movie — and Universal tried to pad it out further by including a couple “bonus” episodes from Seasons 2 and 3 — but we’re still not talking a LOT of entertainment. And it lacked any other extras: no interviews, documentaries, or commentaries. So I was really looking forward to Season 2 coming out.

And it did … four years later, in 2008. Then Season 3 came out … four years after that, in 2012. Eight years to collect them all!

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TZ on DVD: “Definitive” No More

Planning to give the gift of imagination this Christmas? For the fifth-dimension fans in your life, The Twilight Zone on DVD is hard to top. But if you like extras on your discs, it will soon be hard to get.

That’s because Image Entertainment will stop offering their “Definitive Collection” DVDs on Dec. 1. Soon only independent vendors on Amazon, eBay and other websites will carry them.

TZ Def Ed Box Set

That doesn’t mean the series won’t be available on DVD anymore. In fact, Image has been re-issuing the series a season at a time over the last year or two, and will unveil a boxed set of the whole collection on Nov. 19. Read the rest of this entry