A Kickstarter Campaign is Underway to Build a Statue of Rod Serling in His Hometown — And You Can Help

What does Rod Serling mean to you?

Perhaps you’re a writer who finds his work inspiring. In fact, you may have even gotten into writing in the first place because of Rod Serling. I hear from a lot of people who say that.

Maybe you’re an actor or a producer whose imagination was sparked by The Twilight Zone, and your career path was lighted years ago by the man who penned such classics as “The Midnight Sun”, “Eye of the Beholder”, and “The Monsters are Due on Maple Street”, to name only a few of his many beloved scripts.

Or, like so many others, you could be a fan of science fiction and fantasy stories, and you can trace your love of the genre back to watching the Zone.

Whatever your particular circumstances, we share that bond: a love of Serling’s work, and a deep and abiding respect and admiration for the man himself. So let me ask you: Do you think he deserves to have a statue dedicated to him in his hometown of Binghamton, NY, home of the carousel that we see in “Walking Distance”?

I’m sure every Serling fan would agree that he merits such an honor. Well, I’m glad to say there’s an effort to get such a statue made underway right now — and you can help.

Yep, I’m talking money. “But wait,” you may say. “I’m not rich.” Join the club! The good news is, you don’t have to contribute a lot to make a difference. Any amount will do.

Is your love of Serling and his work worth $5? $10 $20? At least that much, I’m sure.

And if you find yourself willing and able to give a little more, you can get some cool merch. For example, $25 contributed to the Kickstarter campaign to get this statue built gets you a year’s membership in the Rod Serling Memorial Foundation. $50 gets you a year’s membership and a commemorative t-shirt. $75 gets you the membership, the t-shirt, and a special calendar being produced for the Foundation. And so on.

Those who can give even more can get themselves such prizes as a commemorative brick with their own name and message inscribed, a Rod Serling bust, or a reproduction of the statue itself. Check rodserlingmonument.com and click “back this project” to see a full list of prizes and the amounts needed to get them.

If you can give a large donation, that’s fantastic. Please do so! But if a smaller amount is all you can do for now, don’t hesitate to give. And one thing we can all do: Spread the word. Get the link and this appeal out on social media — and do it today.

Why the urgency? Because of it being a Kickstarter project. This is a crowdfunded effort, and the clock is ticking. If the project doesn’t reach its goal of $90,000 by November 15, it won’t happen.

“Rod Serling had a real connection to Binghamton,” Foundation President Nick Parisi told me. “Yet there’s no real tribute to him in his hometown.” This project is designed to fix that oversight.

Think about it. If every Serling fan kicked in just $5, we’d have this thing funded in no time. So please, go to rodserlingmonument.com and give what you can. You can honor Rod Serling by helping fund a permanent marker to this great man — and ensure that his legacy lives on for many more generations of fans.


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Hope to see you in some corner of the fifth dimension soon!

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