Syfy’s 2019-2020 New Year’s Twilight Zone Marathon Schedule

Okay, Zoners, the partial schedule I posted last Friday for Syfy’s New Year’s Twilight Zone marathon was a big hit. But the full schedule is what Pedott would say we really need, right?

Happy to oblige. And unlike most wishes in the fifth dimension, this one is consequence-free …

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

6:00am — One for the Angels

6:30am — Mr. Denton on Doomsday

7:00am — The Sixteen-Millimeter Shrine

7:30am — Walking Distance

8:00am — Escape Clause

8:30am — Perchance to Dream

9:00am — Judgment Night

9:30am — And When The Sky Was Opened

10:00am — What You Need

10:30am — The Four of Us Are Dying

11:00am — Third From The Sun

11:30am — The Fever

12:00pm — The Last Flight

12:30pm — The Purple Testament

1:00pm — Elegy

1:30pm — A World of Difference

2:00pm — Long Live Walter Jameson

2:30pm — People are Alike All Over

3:00pm — Execution

3:30pm — The Big Tall Wish

4:00pm — A Nice Place to Visit

4:30pm — Nightmare as a Child

5:00pm — A Stop At Willoughby

5:30pm — The Chaser

6:00pm — A Passage For Trumpet

6:30pm — Mr. Bevis

7:00pm — Where Is Everybody?

7:30pm — Time Enough At Last

8:00pm — The Hitch-Hiker

8:30pm — The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street

9:00pm — Eye of the Beholder

9:30pm — The Invaders

10:00pm — It’s a Good Life

10:30pm — Five Characters In Search of An Exit

11:00pm — The Dummy

11:30pm — Living Doll

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

12:00am — The Mighty Casey

12:30am — A World of His Own

1:00am — King Nine Will Not Return

1:30am — The Man in the Bottle

2:00am — Nervous Man in a Four Dollar Room

2:30am — A Thing About Machines

3:00am — The Howling Man

3:30am — The Lateness of the Hour

4:00am — The Trouble With Templeton

4:30am — A Most Unusual Camera

5:00am — Night of the Meek

5:30am – Dust

6:00am — Back There

6:30am — The Whole Truth

7:00am — A Penny For Your Thoughts

7:30am — Twenty-Two

8:00am — The Odyssey of Flight 33

8:30am — Mr. Dingle, The Strong

9:00am — Static

9:30am — The Prime Mover

10:00am — Long Distance Call

10:30am — A Hundred Yards Over the Rim

11:00am — The Rip Van Winkle Caper

11:30am — The Silence

12:00pm — Shadow Play

12:30pm — The Mind and the Matter

1:00pm — The Obsolete Man

1:30pm — Two

2:00pm — The Arrival

2:30pm — The Shelter

3:00pm — The Passersby

3:30pm — A Game of Pool

4:00pm — The Mirror

4:30pm — The Grave

5:00pm — Deaths-Head Revisited

5:30pm — Still Valley

6:00pm — The Jungle

6:30pm — Once Upon a Time

7:00pm — The Lonely

7:30pm — I Shot An Arrow Into the Air

8:00pm — Mirror Image

8:30pm — The After Hours

9:00pm — Nick of Time

9:30pm — Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up?

10:00pm — The Midnight Sun

10:30pm — To Serve Man

11:00pm — Nightmare at 20,000 Feet

11:30pm — The Masks

Thursday, January 2, 2020

12:00am — A Quality of Mercy

12:30am — Nothing in the Dark

1:00am — One More Pallbearer

1:30am — Dead Man’s Shoes

2:00am — The Hunt

2:30am — Showdown With Rance McGrew

3:00am — Kick the Can

3:30am — A Piano in the House

Oh, and don’t miss “Are TV Marathons Passé?” and “Marathon Misgivings”.


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Hope to see you in some corner of the fifth dimension soon!

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  1. This is great! Thank you! This is also the first time I’ve noticed “The Masks” isn’t airing at 11:30pm Dec. 31st.

    • I’m just glad they’re not showing “The Midnight Sun” then. I love that episode, but that slot wasn’t right for it, regardless of the word “midnight” being in the title. And you’re welcome!

  2. You’re right, Midnight Sun didn’t work either. They’ve aired The Masks so often, I forgot the story didn’t revolve around New Year’s Eve, it was a Mardi Gras Unmasking at midnight. LOL

  3. No thanks! Unless SyFy has finally decided to ditch the smooth-motion filter they’ve employed while airing their annual Twilight Zone marathon these past few years, I’ll be watching on Netflix instead. Or – – even better – – my Blu-rays.

    • Believe me, watching anything on broadcast TV is inferior to discs, or even to streaming, as I mentioned in my “Marathon Misgivings” post (linked to at the end of this post). But there is still a nice community aspect to the marathon that, I think, still makes it worthwhile, especially in these socially fractured times.

      • I agree wholeheartedly about the community aspect. I often put the marathon on in the background on New Year’s Eve and will sit and take in the odd episode here and there as time permits. But when I do that, I almost immediately switch to the streaming or disc version. It’s just that there’s no plain and obvious reason to muck with the visual presentation of these classic episodes — it’s not like it will attract new fans. I don’t mind the time edits so much. And seeing the natural film-grain of the 35mm film is preferable to anything else. But seeing them with this “soap-opera” effect baked-in (it’s not my TV settings) robs them of a great deal of the mystique they have. And I’m not talking about the 6 episodes that were shot on video (although, I think those videotaped episodes have charms of their own thanks to that compromised presentation.) The unnatural movement is immediately noticeable and I’ve actually changed channels after watching it for too long. I find the old scratched-up, hissy standard-definition versions preferable to this.

  4. Gotta Love this. Thanks for the sched buddy!

  5. Paul, ordered whole set of TZ series, sadly, did not recall that only 25% were really GOOD!

  6. Paul, 4got to say, also, that OMG! How many super TV/movie stars appeared on TZ episodes, &/or later went on to become famous actors. Wow! Even Lee Marvin, Telly Savalas, Bill Shatner, Burgess Meredith, Cliff Robertson, & many, many more. Oh, did U see TZ as final answer on Jeopardy 2 nites ago? Ref: It’s 4 note musical intro song? A short musical set for 2 guitars Answer was: “Strange #3”.

  7. Thanks for the info -will pass it on

  8. Reblogged this on Phoenix Rising Art and commented:
    Thank you was using 2018 schedule found at right time. Happy Watching and New Year!

  9. Well well well! They actually did it! No more smooth-motion filter! At least, not on the two eps I’ve seen so far.

  10. seriously there is no way to watch the marathon without subscribing to Syfy’s cabel channel?

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