SyFy’s 2016-2017 New Year’s Twilight Zone Marathon Schedule

We really got spoiled last time around, didn’t we?

Fans of the Syfy Channel’s New Year’s Twilight Zone marathon were used to getting a solid two and a half days of the classic show — a random mix of about 87 episodes. But we got to ring in 2016 with all 156 of them, shown in high-definition and in their original broadcast order.


Alas, Syfy won’t be doing that again for 2017. But it’s still a longer marathon than we’ve come to expect: 120 episodes. And no more breaks for wrestling or other “paid programming” to interrupt the fifth-dimensional flow.

Sure, I have some misgivings about the marathon, as I explain here. I don’t like the ads, and I *really* don’t like the way they’ve edited many of the episodes to accommodate those ads. For the best TZ experience, I strongly recommend watching it on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or iTunes. Better yet, buy or borrow it on DVD or Blu-ray.

That said, I still like the marathon, for reasons best explained here. It’s nice to laze on the couch while Syfy does the programming for you. Sometimes we see a “new” episode. And the sense of community that the marathon fosters (a fading aspect of our allegedly “interconnected” modern life) offers a nice, fun way to start the new year.


So let’s see what Syfy has in store for us this time. There’s a twist: Viewers will be able to vote for the ones that will air in the prime-time evening slots on January 1 and 2. (Details here.) Hence the blank slots below!

Things get underway bright and early on December 31 with “Twilight Zone – The Movie” at 6:00am. And then …

Saturday, December 31, 2016

8:00am – One For the Angels

8:30am – Mr. Denton on Doomsday

9:00am – Sixteen-Millimeter Shrine

9:30am – Escape Clause

10:00am – Perchance to Dream

10:30am – Judgment Night

11:00am – What You Need

11:30am – The Four of Us Are Dying

12:00pm – Mirror Image

12:30pm – Execution

1:00pm – The Big Tall Wish

1:30pm – A Nice Place to Visit

2:00pm – The Chaser

2:30pm – A Passage for Trumpet

3:00pm – Mr. Bevis

3:30pm – The Mighty Casey

4:00pm – A World of His Own

4:30pm – King Nine Will Not Return

5:00pm – The Obsolete Man

5:30pm – An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

6:00pm – Night Call

6:30pm – The Encounter

7:00pm – Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up?

7:30pm – A Game of Pool

8:00pm – Number 12 Looks Just Like You

8:30pm – Where Is Everybody?

9:00pm – The Hitch-hiker

9:30pm – The After Hours

10:00pm – Long-Distance Call

10:30pm – A Penny For Your Thoughts

11:00pm – A World of Difference

11:30pm – Little Girl Lost


Sunday, January 1, 2017

12:00am – The Mirror

12:30am – And When the Sky Was Opened

1:00am – The Man in the Bottle

1:30am – Nervous Man in a Four Dollar Room

2:00am – A Thing About Machines

2:30am – The Howling Man

*3:00am – Mute

*4:00am – Jess-Belle

*5:00am – Death Ship

6:00am – The Lateness of the Hour

6:30am – The Trouble With Templeton

7:00am – A Most Unusual Camera

7:30am – Dust

8:00am – Back There

8:30am – The Whole Truth

9:00am – Mr. Dingle, The Strong

9:30am – Static

10:00am – The Prime Mover

10:30am – A Hundred Yards Over the Rim

11:00am – The Rip Van Winkle Caper

11:30am – Shadow Play

12:00pm – The Mind and the Matter

12:30pm – Two

1:00pm – The Arrival

1:30pm – The Passersby

2:00pm – The Mirror

2:30pm – The Grave

3:00pm – Deaths-Head Revisited

3:30pm – The Midnight Sun

4:00pm – Still Valley

4:30pm – Once Upon a Time

5:00pm – The Old Man in the Cave

5:30pm – The Odyssey of Flight 33

6:00pm – I Shot An Arrow Into the Air

6:30pm – Person or Persons Unknown

7:00pm – The Bewitchin’ Pool

7:30pm – The Dummy

8:00pm – Viewer’s Choice 1: #TZGoodLife vs. #TZMonstersOnMapleSt

8:30pm – Viewer’s Choice 2: #TZEyeOfBeholder vs. #TZServeMan

9:00pm – Viewer’s Choice 3: #TZLivingDoll vs. #TZNightmare20000Ft

9:30pm – Viewer’s Choice 4: #TZTimeEnough vs. #TZWalkingDistance

10:00pm – Viewer’s Choice 5: #TZInSearchofExit vs. #TZInvaders

10:30pm – Viewer’s Choice 6: #TZ22 vs. #TZTheMasks

11:00pm – Nick of Time

11:30pm – Nothing in the Dark


Monday, January 2, 2017

12:00am – A Stop at Willoughby

12:30am – The Shelter

*1:00am – Miniature

2:00am – The Jungle

2:30am – A Quality of Mercy

*3:00am – Valley of the Shadow

*4:00am – He’s Alive

5:00am – Printer’s Devil

6:00am – One More Pallbearer

6:30am – Dead Man’s Shoes

7:00am – The Hunt

7:30am – Showdown with Rance McGrew

8:00am – Kick the Can

8:30am – A Piano in the House

9:00am – The Last Rites of Jeff Myrtlebank

9:30am – The Fugitive

10:00am – The Gift

10:30am – The Little People

11:00am – Four O’Clock

11:30am – The Trade-Ins

12:00pm – I Sing the Body Electric

12:30pm – The Self-Improvement of Salvadore Ross

1:00pm – Black Leather Jackets

1:30pm – From Agnes with Love

2:00pm – Spur of the Moment

2:30pm – Stopover in a Quiet Town

3:00pm – Queen of the Nile

3:30pm – What’s in the Box

4:00pm – I Am the Night—Color Me Black

4:30pm – Sounds and Silences

5:00pm – Caesar and Me

5:30pm – The Jeopardy Room

6:00pm – Nightmare As a Child

6:30pm – Ring-a-Ding Girl

7:00pm – Third From the Sun

7:30pm – The Silence

8:00pm – It’s a Good Life

8:30pm – Eye of the Beholder

9:00pm – Living Doll

9:30pm – Walking Distance

10:00pm – Five Characters in Search of an Exit

10:30pm – Twenty-Two

11:00pm – The Lonely

11:30pm – People Are Alike All Over


Tuesday, January 3, 2017

12:00am – The Fever

12:30am – In Praise of Pip

*1:00am – The 30-Fathom Grave

2:00 am – Mr. Garrity and the Graves

2:30am – The Brain Center at Whipple’s

3:00am – Come Wander with Me

3:30am – The Fear



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Hope to see you in some corner of the fifth dimension soon!

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Fanning about the work of Rod Serling all over social media. If you enjoy pics, quotes, facts and blog posts about The Twilight Zone, Night Gallery and Serling's other projects, you've come to the right place.

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  1. Thanks for the information Paul. I like and don’t like the same things you mention. I really enjoy the chatter on Twitter, and I like the idea that SyFy is mixing it up a little. At least they are working to keep it interesting.

    • Glad to help, Dan! It’s on Syfy’s website, but it’s not very user-friendly. Gotta hand to them, yes, for trying something different and interactive with this year’s marathon. Should be fun!

  2. Thanks for the episode list, Paul. It was very helpful. So many classics. I am looking forward to the marathon.

  3. The TZ marathons have become a tradition in our house now and we always keep Twitter up to follow you during the broadcasts…thanks for all you do! We look forward to your tweets!

  4. I agree – nothing beats the fun of logging onto Twitter during the marathon and interacting with so many different people… such a rich diversity of humanity, all finding common ground in the fifth dimension!

    I also really like that the marathon will last all day on the 2d, when so many will be lucky to have the day off. And I like the unofficial (I guess) kick off of adding the 1983 TZ movie. It’s a flawed film, for sure (let alone the off-camera tragedy), but that Lithgow segment, though arguably overwrought, covers a multitude of the movie’s other sins.

    Even though I’m not tuned in for all 120 hours (is anyone?), it’s nice knowing the Zone is always on for that time.

    Thanks for the guide!

    • My pleasure, Mike! And I agree about the TZ movie. I have mixed feelings about it, too. As long as we get TZ after it airs, though, I’m happy!

  5. Rhonda Apicella

    I’ve raised my 18 year old daughter on the Twilight Zone marathons, and she and I have our guides at the ready to read over trivia as we watch. She now has introduced her boyfriend to many of the episodes. I grew up watching these (they were old then, many of them) and I watched Night Gallery when I was a kid. I never tire of seeing TZ!

  6. One of the great episodes I didn’t see in the Twilight Zone Marathon line-up is called “Kick The Can.” It’s a wonderful story about an elderly gentleman who visits an old folks’ home and lures them out to play in the middle of the night; which is against the rules. But they sneak out anyway and I won’t reveal the ending; but part of the message that’s conveyed is the importance of retaining a bit of the childlike wonder within us throughout life – it keeps us young-minded and enthusiastic, and ever-mindful of the importance of having fun! Perhaps I just didn’t see it in the list, but in typical Serling style; it’s a profound episode. I just may have missed it. I’m friends with Anne Serling on FB, so I just wrote to her to insure I’m recalling it by the correct title – it’s a marvelous episode that really should be included in the line-up. Regardless, thanks for providing such an extensive dedication to one of the most exemplary and exceptional gentleman of the 20th Century who was one of the very few who broadcast always meaningful and socially-conscious productions that conveyed a moral message in everything he put forth. They should make the original Twilight Zone series as well as his Playhouse 90 series as required parts of every school’s curriculum today.

    • I agree — “Kick the Can” is a wonderful episode. Not everyone is a fan of it, but it’s popular enough that they included it in the Twilight Zone movie that came out in the ’80s. They did show it this time out, at 8am on January 2, but when so many are being shown, it’s easy to miss a couple. I’m glad you’re such a fan and that you found this blog — the more, the merrier! And I certainly agree that Serling’s work should be part of the curriculum — he had so much to teach, and in such an entertaining way.

  7. Stephanie B. Upchurch

    Love this time of year to see the marathon, but didn’t like the Twitter deal. I don’t tweet. Missed one of my favorite episodes that lost out on the vote. No accounting for taste….

    • A lot of people aren’t into Twitter. That’s one of the reasons I added a Facebook page ( and this blog to my, well, TZ fanning empire, I guess you could say! The important thing is being a fan and watching the show. Too bad about the vote, but I know how you feel — I was only 2 for 6 myself. Glad you stopped by …

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