After the Zone-a-thon IV: More Missing Episodes

We had quite a treat last New Year’s, didn’t we, Twilight Zone fans? Syfy surprised us with an extended marathon of every episode, in order and in high-def. Talk about “what you need.”

What You Need

It did, however, put the kibosh on one of my favorite post-marathon activities: writing a blog post to highlight a few episodes that didn’t make the schedule. But I figured I’d have another chance when the July 4 marathon rolled around … and here we are.

Syfy aired 57 episodes this time out. That’s about a third of the 156 that aired during the show’s run, leaving me 99 to pick from. That’s a daunting task. Many worthy episodes didn’t make the cut. But here are five that I think merit a watch — or rewatch. (Note: I didn’t repeat any picks from my previous “Zone-a-thon” posts.) U.S.-based fans, click on any title to watch the episode on Hulu.


Season 1, Episode 3 – October 16, 1959


You don’t have to be a Twilight Zone fanatic to know the fifth dimension is a place where bad things sometimes happen to good people. But it’s also a place where the down and out can catch a much-needed break. Case in point: this early episode, in which a mysterious peddler helps a former gunslinger find a better way to ease his guilty conscience than by drowning it in booze. Is another kill-or-be-killed situation in his future? Not if Rod Serling can help it.



Season 1, Episode 13 – January 1, 1960


One reason superhero stories are popular is that we all like to imagine what we’d do if we had super powers. Fight villains, rescue people, right? We overlook the fact that some people would probably misuse their powers. Take Arch Hammer. He can change his face at will, so he decides to impersonate a few people — and solely for personal gain. Who cares if he breaks a few hearts, steals a few fortunes? Karma, that’s who. A noir-filled, stylish tale of comeuppance.



Season 3, Episode 11 – November 24, 1961

Still Valley2

Make a deal with the Devil on The Twilight Zone, and you know you’ll live to regret it. This often-overlooked episode is a stand-out for me in part because it changes the formula a bit. Set during the Civil War, it introduces us to a Confederate soldier who’s offered an easy way to win the war for the South: his soul and the souls of his fellow soldiers in exchange for a Union defeat. Do the ends justify the means? That’s what Sgt. Paradine — and you — must decide.



Season 3, Episode 23 – February 23, 1962


Many people think of the Twilight Zone as a scary place, filled with malevolent aliens, evil dolls, and devastating twists of fate. But Serling and his fellow TZ scribes also enjoyed winking at us with gentler tales. One of my favorites is this light-hearted look at how a rural community copes when one of its members comes back from the dead. Did a natural medical anomaly restore Jeff to their midst, or is he possessed by a wandering spirit?



Season 4, Episode 13 – April 4, 1963

New Exhibit6

Sometimes Serling and company brought us irony-laden parables filled with deep insights into the faults and foibles of mankind. And sometimes they just wanted to scare the pants off of us. “The New Exhibit” falls firmly into this latter category. I mean, you have Martin Balsam (of “Psycho”) playing an eccentric caretaker in a wax museum — one who’s obsessed with the members of Murderers’ Row. Perhaps a little too obsessed. O_o


There you go, five more TZs you may want to check out (again). But wait, there are 94 others that … okay, okay. All in good time. Which we’d have plenty of, if we just could find the right time machine.


Well, then. Back to the drawing board …

Don’t miss “After The Zone-a-thon“, “After the Zone-a-thon II” and After the Zone-a-thon III“.


Besides Hulu, you can watch TZ on Amazon (at no extra charge to Prime members). Everything but Season 4 is streaming on Netflix. The entire series is also available on iTunes, as well as on DVD and Blu-ray.

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Hope to see you in some corner of the fifth dimension soon!

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  1. The last two are two of my “must watch” episodes, which I thought I had just missed, so glad to know it wasn’t me this time. Thank goodness for Netflix :)

    • No, definitely not you. And yes, I’m glad TZ is easy to find on Netflix and other streaming services! Though I should note that Season 4 isn’t on Netflix, so … no “The New Exhibit”, alas. It’s on Hulu and Amazon Prime, though, in case you have either one of those.

  2. In addition to having too many favorite episodes, I have a large number of TZ favorite scenes. My all-time favorite is when Garth says: “Fat-boy, why don’t you shut your mouth…” but another one is when Al Denton slaps the bully and says: “And don’t call me rummy any more!”

    Out of your list, I’d put “THE LAST RITES OF JEFF MYRTLEBANK” on my lists of one that I would have stayed up a little longer (or started watching a little earlier) to see.

    As always, Paul. You gave us a nice way to ease away from the series. We don’t want to go cold turkey.

    • Good point, Dan. I have a lot of favorite lines, too. That might make a great post, actually — favorite lines. And yes, we don’t want to go cold turkey when it comes to TZ! You know I’ll never let that happen.

      • If love to see a post on favorite lines. It’s good to know its not just me :) I also like “a dog has as much right to have a man around as a man has to have a dog” I’m pretty sure that’s not accurate but I say it sometimes to Maddie.

  3. I enjoyed this post with reminders of plots I lose a few pieces of, since some I have only seen a couple of times. :) I like ones with heroes, always am glad for lessons and parables. The obsessed and demonic Martin Balsam is definitely memorable and frightening, Paul, at least to me. . .

    • Thanks! I just like to remind those people who only see TZ twice a year (at best) that there are some great episodes they may be missing. Hoping that at least ONE of Balsam’s TZ appearances airs next time out …

  4. Howard Manheimer

    I saw An Occurrence At Owl’s Creek Bridge for the very first time during the New Year’s Eve Marathon! I loved it! I still haven’t seen The Encounter, & The Gift! Two buried treasures to dig up! YAY! The Twilight Zone is one of my all time favorite TV shows! Rod Serling is like a beloved uncle with a fabulous voice!

  5. +1 Dan Antion for suggesting favorite lines from TZ. I can’t think of any…but I rarely can. My brain is like Swiss Cheese when it comes to remembering movie lines. I think it’s a guy thing. At least in my house it is. :)

    Paul, I don’t think I’ve seen The New Exhibit so am off to watch it now. It’s Tuesday and still light out… I think I can handle it. :)

    • OMG! I told her not to go down there and do what her brother suggested! She didn’t listen! I just knew they’d all get a piece of the action. Riveting story! Thanks for pointing it out. I’m pretty sure I can sleep tonight…there are no murders here. :)

      • Ha, glad you enjoyed it! And you’re right — Martin’s wife can’t say she wasn’t warned. Some people just have to learn the hard way, it seems. O_o

        And thanks for voting for the best quotes post idea. I started my Night Gallery Twitter page expressly as an outlet for all these memorable quotes. Hard to keep them contained. So much great writing!

  6. Well, I know what I’m watching tonight! 3 of these I haven’t seen. Thanks for the lists.

    • You’re welcome! Hope you enjoy the episodes. Are you streaming them, or do you watch them on disc? Always curious how people see TZ.

  7. Thanks for replying to my comments. I really appreciate that. 🙂 I was using Netflix, but now I’m watching them on Hulu. They have the whole series and a bunch I haven’t seen. Last night I saw a few from your other zone-a-thon lists. I was particularly disturbed with “The New Exhibit” but it was so good!

    • Yes, I often recommend Hulu, where people can see Season 4 of TZ, and all of Night Gallery (minus the pilot movie). Grateful, though, that Netflix carries as much as they do — they’ve dropped a lot of classic series over the last couple of years, unfortunately. And yes, ha, “The New Exhibit” is good, creepy fun!

  8. I hope Hulu never takes it down. That’s where I watched Night Gallery too.

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