“You’ve Just Crossed Over Into … The Twilight Zone”

Twilight Zone marathons always bring an influx of new followers to my Twitter page, and this year’s extravaganza on Syfy was no exception. About 500 additional fans joined in the fifth-dimensional festivities, enough for me to break the 14,000-follower mark.

If you’re one of them, welcome! I thought a quick orientation post might help.

Willoughby Conductor3

“A Stop at Willoughby”

Why? Well, sometimes people express surprise that I tweet about anything other than The Twilight Zone. Some, in fact, are surprised that I tweet at all when there isn’t a marathon on.

But I didn’t create my Twitter page simply to live-tweet TZ marathons. I did it to share quotes and facts from ALL of Rod Serling’s works, and to do it year-round. They’re primarily from The Twilight Zone, of course — that’s his crowning achievement. But I also draw from Rod Serling’s Night Gallery (the horror series that followed TZ), as well as Serling’s pre-TZ teleplays, movies and books.

Serling office

In short, if it’s related to Serling in almost any way, you’ll see it on my page. And you’ll usually see me doing it periodically throughout the day.

There’s no staff. It’s just one man, with a full-time job (one that has nothing to do with Rod Serling), using Twitter as an outlet for an obsession a serious hobby.

How do I decide what to quote and when? On most days, I default to the “anniversary” episode for that day. I’ll highlight the one that first aired on that day in, say, 1962, and follow it up with quotes and facts from that episode (and a few unrelated ones thrown in for good measure).

The Hitchhiker13

“The Hitch-Hiker”

On anniversary-less days, it’s more or less random. Or I might focus on a common theme. Either way, of course, the goal is to entertain — both myself and you.

There are two rules I set for myself early on, and you’ll find that I’m religious in observing them:

  1. If a quote or fact has been used in the last several months, I won’t reuse it, except for a very specific reason (such as a marathon or a special event). I hate “quote accounts” that recycle the same item too frequently, so you won’t catch ME doing it — at least not deliberately.
  2. I edit quotes for length only. This one is non-negotiable. I often have to shorten a quote to make it fit, but I never, EVER change the wording. If I can’t edit it for length and make it fit, I refuse to rewrite it, even a little bit.
"To Serve Man"

“To Serve Man”

When space permits, I add the season and episode number for those who want to look up the episodes. For example, #S3E14 means it’s the 14th episode of Season 3, or “Five Characters in Search of an Exit.” Either way, you can always ask me what episode a particular quote is from.

TZ fans often comment how much they enjoy the marathons and wish they could occur more frequently. My Twitter page is a modest attempt to do just that. We may not be able to watch The Twilight Zone non-stop, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have it in our Twitter timelines 365 days a year.

I hope 2016 brings us many opportunities to enjoy the best television show of all time — and to celebrate all things Serling. Here’s a toast … to that “signpost up ahead.”



For a daily dose of Serling, you can follow me on TwitterFacebook or Pinterest. You can also get email notifications of future posts by entering your address under “Follow S&S Via Email” on the upper left-hand side of this post. WordPress followers, just hit “follow” at the top of the page.

Hope to see you in some corner of the fifth dimension soon!

About Paul

Fanning about the work of Rod Serling all over social media. If you enjoy pics, quotes, facts and blog posts about The Twilight Zone, Night Gallery and Serling's other projects, you've come to the right place.

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  1. I enjoy the quotes very much, Paul, as well as your longer posts. Sometimes, the quote sparks a memory and for a few seconds, I drift into the 5th dimension. That’s always a welcome mini-break from the three dimentions I am normally stuck in.

    • No kidding. Reminds me of a quote from “Cheers” (see, I can quote other shows!). Sam is trying to convince Diane that it wasn’t his fault he forgot to do something, so he turns to Coach and says, “Oh, man, Coach — I’m having blackouts.” And Coach says, “Kind of a nice break in the day, isn’t it, Sam?” Glad to provide those breaks for you, Dan!

  2. Wendy Bishop

    Willoughby is my favorite. I have a hoodie that says the title and had a flight attendant ask what it was. She was fascinated!

  3. Your “hobby” along with the attendant efforts are most appreciated! Not only does it provide that reminiscent break, but it is laden with sufficient information and insight to keep even the most ardent Rod fan satisfied. I have learned quite a few tidbits of which I was either unaware of or had dismissed as irrelevant. Kudoes for your efforts and the intellectual presentations!
    Keep up the great work and thanks!!!

    • My pleasure! I usually default to quotes on most days, but during the last couple of marathons, I have leaned more on facts, figuring that it sort of supplements the viewing. Glad to know it appeals!

  4. Blackouts…a nice break in the three-dimensional day! Love that!

  5. I have to say, with the exception of one of my faves running at 2 AM and I slept through the reminder, I loved how the marathon was done on SyFy this time. It helped break up my re-watching of The Walking Dead marathon and plan ahead :)

    • Yes, it really was a nice change of pace. I was glad to see so many people seeing episodes they’d never seen before. And having a longer marathon means more people might discover the show. Good job, Syfy!

  6. Hi Paul! Congratulations on all your new followers! You deserve them! I’m hoping to get back to my usual #FF soon. Last year was a hard year for me. Still no Internet at home either.

    Loved the in order Twilight Zone marathon! What a treat!

    Your posts are always professional, but never boring. I know Rod would be proud of what you have done on this blog.

    Keep up the great work! :-)

    • Thanks! Always glad to welcome new TZ fans to the fold. It’s great to see so many people still fanning over Serling’s work. Just goes to show how timeless its appeal really is.

      I certainly appreciate the kind words about the blog. Hope 2016 is a better year for you!

  7. One of the best blogs on the web, i visit it often and read your quotes everyday. Rod Serling has influenced me as a writer more than anyone, even Hitchcock. The Twilight Zone is the greatest show of all time!

    It’s a pleasure to see someone respect the works of Rod Serling as much as you do!

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