Willie Vs. Caesar: The Real Electoral Clash

It’s Election Day, and I’m here to ask you to pick between a couple of dummies.

Oh, wait — this has nothing to do with the people running for office in your state or county. But I can understand the confusion! No, I’m asking you to pick your favorite of the two ventriloquist dummies that appeared on The Twilight Zone.

The Dummy7

On the one hand, we have Willie. Likes: eye tests, dancing girls, upstaging his partner. Dislikes: rival dummies, being locked in a trunk. He starred with Cliff Robertson in “The Dummy.”

On the other hand, we have Caesar. Likes: pacing, larceny, talking to people like they’re idiots. Dislikes: dimwits, nosy club owners. He starred with Jackie Cooper in “Caesar and Me.”


Need a refresher before voting? Click either title above to watch the episode on Hulu.

And don’t worry, it’s a completely secret ballot! After all, you know how homicidal this pair is. If Willie knew you’d picked Caesar, you’d be smashed flatter than poor Goofy Goggles. And if Caesar heard you’d pulled the lever for Willie, well … hello, poison darts.

You have until 5:00 p.m. EST on Wednesday, Nov. 5, to make your selection. Good luck!


About Paul

Hard-working, hard-playing fan of all pop culture, especially the Twilight Zone. Which led to a Twitter page. And then to a blog. And then to ... stay tuned. Yes, that's a picture of Rod Serling, not me. You can find the real me under the "Your Host" tab on my blog, along with biographical details that, while 100 percent accurate, sound kind of boastful and braggy. Sorry.

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  1. Creepy, creepy, CREEPY, Boss. Just creepy. Dummies are so creepy. O_O *whispers* I voted for Willie. Don’t tell Caesar.

    And thanks for letting me have the first vote! :)

    • You’re very welcome, GF! And don’t worry about Caesar. I mean, your secret is safe with me, but if Caesar even looks in your direction, he’s kindling. O_o

  2. I’m not sure I voted. If I did, I’m not saying. Those two episodes both give me the creeps. Or perhaps they give me the willies…just sayin. Great post for election day, Paul. I wish more of our candidates were as worthy of a vote.

  3. Mike Poteet (@ Bibliomike)

    Awesome and very clever idea for an election day post, Paul! Caesar gets my vote all the way…

  4. I find Willie creepier and more frightening, Cesar, better company, more free spirited.

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