Saving “Almost Human”

I’ve been running this blog for almost three years now, but I’ve never written about anything other than the works of Rod Serling. Until today.

I’m making an exception because I don’t just believe in the past when it comes to high-quality science fiction. I believe in the future as well. And for my money, the series Almost Human is a prime example of that future.


I’m not putting it on a par with The Twilight Zone, which is in a class by itself. But Almost Human is a show that can make you laugh and make you think. Most of all, it’s a show that keeps you entertained.

I’m not going to spend a lot of time excoriating Fox for cancelling it, or making a detailed case for keeping it. I urge you to check it out on Hulu or iTunes or whatever service or site you use to watch TV shows.almosthuman3

I’m simply going to ask you to consider joining a “tweet out” in support of the show between 7:00 and 9:00 p.m. EST on Monday, May 12. (If you’re in a different time zone, please adjust your time accordingly.) Just tweet at least once or twice in that time period with the hashtag #SaveAlmostHuman. Don’t do it ahead of time, please.

You’ll find all the details you need at this link.


“We want to tell stories that are different,” Serling once said. “We want to prove that television can be both commercial and worthwhile.” Almost Human does that. We’d like to encourage Fox to reconsider its decision or perhaps convince another network to pick it up.

It’s a total “Hail Mary” pass, but as they say, you miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take. So let’s take a shot!

There’s also an online petition to sign. Takes only a minute to fill out.


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Hope to see you in some corner of the fifth dimension soon!

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  1. No one will ever know how disappointed and upset we both were when we heard Almost Human had been cancelled. Huge mistake, FOX. This was my favourite new series, Boss, and I’ll be right with you tonight, tweeting in support of this wonderfully entertaining show.

    Be sure to do a ghost-tweet for Serling too! I’m sure he’s also a fan of the show! :)

    • I’m sure he is, too! That’s what prompted me to write this. Hate to see such a terrific show kicked to the curb before it’s really gotten a chance to show what it can do. Especially with so many other mediocre and outright BAD series getting the green light.

      When you first told me it had been cancelled, it was indeed VERY disappointing. So I figure the least we can do is speak up for it. If Serling taught us anything, he taught us that. Thanks, GF! :)

  2. Nice to see more support.
    I still hope the lead casting would still be up for a second season if WB succeeds.

  3. Well, can’t really “Like” what I haven’t seen nor are familiar with, but, wow, breaking tradition with a non-TZ post! Am I in a bomb shelter watching a feed?!

  4. Rarely do we get a show that challenges you and satisfies you at the same time. “Big Theme” shows live dangerously. I guess that’s why we love them. It’s a high-wire act 26 times a year.

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed this show…what a pity they stopped it so soon.

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