TZ on DVD: “Definitive” No More

Planning to give the gift of imagination this Christmas? For the fifth-dimension fans in your life, The Twilight Zone on DVD is hard to top. But if you like extras on your discs, it will soon be hard to get.

That’s because Image Entertainment will stop offering their “Definitive Collection” DVDs on Dec. 1. Soon only independent vendors on Amazon, eBay and other websites will carry them.

TZ Def Ed Box Set

That doesn’t mean the series won’t be available on DVD anymore. In fact, Image has been re-issuing the series a season at a time over the last year or two, and will unveil a boxed set of the whole collection on Nov. 19.

However, this new edition is a bare-bones one that gives you nothing but the episodes — no commentaries or other extras of any kind.

Now, a lot of fans won’t care. They’ll be happy just to get the series. And yes, hearing, say, Kevin McCarthy reminisce while “Long Live Walter Jameson” plays, or watching a Rod Serling beer ad (no joke) is hardly essential to The Twilight Zone experience.

TZ Fan Favs Box Set

But for the more rabid fans out there, it’s nice to get all the extras you can find. So if you are among that group, or you’re shopping for someone who is, you might want to pick up the series on DVD sooner rather than later.

I’ve heard this move by Image described as a moratorium, or like Disney putting them in the vault for the time being. So at least we know that, like Henry Bemis reading happily on his lunch hour, they’ll be safe.

Of course, you can continue to get all the extras you find on the DVDs, and even more, on the Blu-ray discs. But if you’re in the market for “DVDs plus extras,” now’s the time to buy. Sure, it’s possible Henry Corwin will pull it out of his bag for you on Christmas Eve, but why take a chance?

TZ Blu-ray Box Set


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Hope to see you in some corner of the fifth dimension soon!

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  1. What? No more Definitive Collection sets?! What kind of lunacy is this? You’ve done a real service here today with this post, Boss. I’m so grateful to have my DC DVDs and I hope some other people will be able to purchase this gem, thanks to you, before it’s too late. It is most definitely worth getting for the extras. There are all kinds of special features here and it’s a shame they’re discontinuing the set. So come on, people. Now’s the time to get this, whether you’re buying for yourself or you have an awesome best friend who’ll get it for you!

    • Thanks, Gal Friday! You’re right, it DOES seem crazy. I’m assuming Image wants to give their new boxed set a boost, and what better way to do that than to make it the only one available?

      But it seems a shame to take the one with extras out of circulation. Why not let fans have a choice? I’m sure there would be plenty of takers for both. I hope they decide to “re-publish” the Definitive Collection again soon. But who knows when that will be?

      So yes, I was hoping to provide a little service with this post. Glad it appealed! And glad you have such a thoughtful best friend … ;)

  2. I’m planning on getting a Blu-Ray player in the near future, so I should be safe. ;)

  3. Ah, the Way of Technology.


    Well, at least the Blu-Rays will continue to exist…for now. :-] One-a-these-days I’ll splurge….

    Thanks for the info, Paul!

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