All Dolled Up: Two TZs + One NG = A Good Scary Movie

Want to see a good scary movie? Skip the multiplex. I have something better. Spend the evening with some dolls.

Before you chuckle TOO loudly, perhaps I’d better introduce them. You really don’t want them to hear you.

First up is Willie. Yes, a ventriloquist … well, I hesitate to say “dummy,” but that’s what these wooden sidekicks are usually called. He’s been known to resist whenever his owner suggests changes to the act. How can a stick of wood object, you ask? Oh, he has ways. And they don’t end well for people who oppose him. Just ask Goofy Goggles. Not that he can give you much of an answer. Goofy’s part of the pavement now, thanks to Willie’s little games.

The Dummy Compilation2

Next to him: Talky Tina. Quite a smile on that one! Here’s a tip, though: when she says anything other than “I love you”? RUN. Trust me. Don’t bother arguing with her, and for pity’s sake, don’t drag her to the garage and try to use your circular saw to decapitate her. (Note the word “try”.) Just steer clear, or you might take an unscheduled trip down the stairs in the middle of the night.

Living Doll Compilation (1)

Then there’s that nameless doll next to them. She doesn’t talk, at least not to us, but don’t assume she’s any less threatening than her companions. In fact, she may be the worst of this lethal trio. Very much the jealous type, and she has a rather sharp set of teeth.

NG - The Doll2

But just because you have to watch your step around this gang, doesn’t mean they can’t help you out when you’re looking for a little entertainment. My suggestion: Use them to make your own scary movie. Watch the Twilight Zone episodes “The Dummy” and “Living Doll” and the Night Gallery episode with a segment called “The Doll.”

The fact that these episodes were made more than 40 years ago makes no difference. They all offer good, creepy fun. Top-notch acting, writing and directing is timeless, and that’s what you get here. If you think you need today’s ADD-style of editing, or loads of over-the-top gore to get goosebumps, these episodes will be a real revelation. A good shiver beats a good grimace any day.

NG The Doll

You won’t be shaken up. You’ll be entertained. There’s a difference. Right, Willie?

Willie? Tina? *gulp* C’mon, guys …

The Dummy“, “Living Doll“, and “The Doll” are available on Hulu. “The Dummy” and “Living Doll” are also available for streaming on Netflix and Amazon Prime. All three are on iTunes as well. Yes, you can sometimes find them on YouTube, but the copyright hunters keep posters on the run.

Wherever you locate them, I suggest a dark room and some popcorn. And maybe a heavy, blunt object. You know, just in case. 

Think I’m kidding about “The Doll”? Check out what Guillermo del Toro, director of “Hellboy” and “Pan’s Labrinth,” has to say about it here.

Enjoy …


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  1. Um, Boss? Did you really just call Willie a … “sidekick”?


    *phone rings, Gal Friday answers*

    No, Willie, he didn’t mean it, I swear! We all know you’re the star of the act!

    No, Willie, no! Don’t call TINA!

    *hangs up*

    Boss, it might be time for us to take that trip to Italy now…

    • Gal Friday, this is a prime example of why I need you around all the time — not only to field troubling phone calls, but to warn me of danger. *starts stuffing some clothes in a suitcase* You think Italy is far enough? Willie and Tina are relentless!

  2. I’m sensing the next TZ movie pitch somewhere in here: “When Willie Met Tina…” !

  3. I think you all need a break from playing with all your dolls, and try some X-Files—

    *hears knock* Yes? Wha-?!

    “I’m Talky Tina, and I LOVE you….”

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