Romancing the Zone

Think of The Twilight Zone, and the word “romance” hardly leaps to mind. The home of malevolent dolls, hostile aliens and unpredictable time travel seems an unlikely place to make a love connection, right?

Not necessarily. Go a little deeper, and you find all kinds of flirtation in the fifth dimension. You just have to know where to look.


But fear not. With the help of fellow TZ fan Wendy, I did the looking for you. Beginning on Feb. 1, we did our own daily countdown to Valentine’s Day with tweets that we hashtagged #BeMyTZValentine. The idea was to take a TZ episode and dream up a little date for the couple that starred in it.

My policy is always “ladies first,” so Wendy started us off and took all the odd-numbered dates, while I took the even-numbered ones. Here’s what we came up with. The episode name is in parentheses:

Feb. 1: Don loads the Mystic Seer with his own special fortunes for Pat. “Does he love me?” Fortune: ~More than life itself~ (Nick of Time)

Feb. 2: Gregory uses his dictation machine to create a candlelit dinner for him and Mary, complete with flowers and a fire. (A World of His Own)

Feb. 3: The Major hoists the other three out of the barrel and smiles at the ballerina because they’re now finally alone. (Five Characters in Search of an Exit)

Feb. 4: Corry tells Allenby to forget the pardon; loving Alicia has already set him free. That night, they go star-gazing. (The Lonely)

Feb. 5: After a late picnic in the park, Scott gives Ellen his leather jacket and takes her on a midnight motorcycle ride. (Black Leather Jackets)

Feb. 6: Edward takes Maya to the carnival, where he tips the ferris-wheel operator to make sure they get stuck at the top. (Perchance to Dream)

Feb. 7: Joey and Nan dance on the rooftop. Then Joey takes out his trumpet to serenade Nan. “Joey, you’re playing my song!” (A Passage for Trumpet)

Passage for Trumpet - Joey and Nan

Feb. 8: John’s poker lessons pay off. Surprising Marie with an additional $5,000, together they return to the New Life Corp. (The Trade-Ins)

Feb. 9: After the coon hunt, Hyder takes Rachel to the square dance. All the angels smile when Rip tries to join in. (The Hunt)

Feb. 10: Charles takes Elizabeth out for an evening of target practice and dress-shopping. “Precrassny,” he tells her. (Two)

Feb. 11: Douglas and Sandra make the space trip together. They return to earth, 40 years older, but more in love than ever. (The Long Morrow)

Feb. 12: Gregory makes romantic dinner plans with Esther. He puts a new roll on the player piano: “I Only Have Eyes For You.” (A Piano in the House)

Feb. 13: After careful consideration, Arthur and Edna wish for the only thing they truly want — more time together. (The Man in the Bottle)

Feb. 14: Pedott hands a couple two tickets to Rome, and two tickets to the Galleria Borghese. “It’s what you need,” he says. (What You Need)

The big day had finally arrived, but we wanted to list more. So we posted:

  • While visiting the museum, Charley pops the question to Alice. He then surprises her with new cards for their stereoscope. (Miniature)
  • James arranges the perfect evening with Agnes, the supercomputer: virtual chess, some quadratic equations, and Sims: Romance. (From Agnes — With Love)
  • Pat bribes the mechanic to keep the car until 3:00 so that she and Don can stay and share an ice cream sundae and the jukebox. (Nick of Time)

Nick of Time3

  • Hector “overhears” Miss Turner thinking of the ideal date —and takes her out for the best Valentine’s Day she’s ever had. (A Penny for Your Thoughts)

As Millicent McKenzie says in “Passage on the Lady Anne,” one of the hour-long TZ episodes:

Love has its own particular point of view. It sees everything larger than life. Nothing is too ornate, too fanciful, too dramatic.

Nothing at all, my friends. Happy Valentine’s Day to you all.

P.S. Bonus! We also noticed on Feb. 13 that “CandyHeartRejects” was trending on Twitter. So we came up with a few of our own and tagged them #TZCandyHeartRejects:

  • “I’m What You Need”
  • “Do I Look Insane?”
  • “Going My Way?”
  • “Room for One More, Honey”
  • “Think Bad Thoughts”
  • “Aaarrrooooo!”
  • “Let’s Get Off at Willoughby”
  • “I’m Going to Kill You”
  • “You Are OBSOLETE”
  • “I Want to Stay Ugly”
  • “Got a ‘Big Tall Wish’ For You”
  • “Precrassn-evermind”

Got a #BeMyTZValentine or a #TZCandyHeartReject? Feel free to add them below!

Hoping you all find love, no matter where you are in the fifth dimension.


Photos courtesy of Wendy Brydge. For a daily dose of Serling, you can follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest. You can also get email notifications of future posts by entering your address under “Follow S&S Via Email” on the upper left-hand side of this post. WordPress followers, just hit “follow” at the top of the page.

Hope to see you in some corner of the fifth dimension soon!

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  1. Well, Boss, no one can say that we don’t know how to have a little fun. It was a brilliant idea to do a TZ-style countdown to Valentine’s Day because as you mention here, most people don’t immediately associate love and romance with the Twilight Zone. But upon closer inspection, it would seem that Mr. Serling had a softer side. I think it was well worth highlighting some of the sweet moments that these couples might have shared. Who says romance is dead?

    So what say you, Boss? Will you be my TZ Valentine? ;)

    • Thanks, Gal Friday! The idea for the countdown may have been mine, but I couldn’t have done it without my TZ partner in crime. You were an indispensable part of this post, and I’m very grateful for all your help. And be your TZ Valentine, you say? *holds out arm* How about a little target practice and dress-shopping? ;)

  2. #TZCandyHeartRejects –

    “Be My Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge”
    “Where Is Everybody?”
    “You Make Me A Howling Man!”
    “Won’t Be Mine? That Isn’t Fair, Not Fair At All”
    “Without You, I’m A Little Girl Lost”

    Not as good as yours, but fun! That could be addictive!

    • Those are great, Michael — thanks! I especially like the “Time Enough at Last” one. I meant to slip one in. If you think of any more, don’t hesitate to come back!

      • They’re probably too long to fit on candy hearts. Next year, you and your TZ Gal Friday should photoshop some kids-style classroom Valentine cards with appropriate TZ images!

        “I Kanamit How Much I Want You!”
        “You’re The Invader Of My Heart” (over an image of an ax-wielding Agnes Moorehead)
        “I’ve Built A 16mm Shrine For You!”
        “Nothing In The Dark But You & Me, Valentine”

        Ok, I better quit now!

      • Michael… those are fantastic! And YES! What a wonderfully creative idea to photoshop the Valentines! Boss, we are SO doing that next year!

      • Agreed! Put that in the tickler file, GF. And don’t think you have to quit, Michael. You seem to be a natural at this!

  3. Great work, all of you!

    I hate watching “The Long Morrow”…cause I’m a romantic at heart, and hate how that episode ends up. Arrrgh! But was hoping you’d put in “The Passage of the Lady Anne”–one of my favorites. :-]

    And how about Booth pulling out the script “What To Do When Booth Comes Back,” rewrite a couple lines, and heads back into that speakeasy…and forever into the awaiting and loving arms of Laura, as Barney hoists a toast to the both of them (The Trouble with Templeton)….

    Hope everyone had a happy Twilight Zone Valentines Day!

    • Oh, Frank, you hit it right on the nose! “The Trouble With Templeton” (one of my nostalgic favorites) and that scene in the speakeasy – romantic, a little sad, but inspiring! We’re a pretty fun group, we TZ people…

      • Yeah, and once Booth got back on his feet, what about his current wife? I don’t believe they solved that, but don’t remember…

        Yes, you (we!) TZ peeps are pretty fun! The most interactive of the groups I hang out around! :-] I thank you all for your tweets and posts—and for interacting and “Favoriting” my stuff, too! You really ARE a great bunch of people! :-]

    • Yes, “The Long Morrow” kills me every time. I don’t mind an O.Henry ending when it hits an unsympathetic character, but this felt like “The Gift of the Magi,” only worse.

      I’m also a sucker for “The Trouble with Templeton.” The ending of the scene in the speakeasy gives me chills every time. We could easily have done a TZ Valentine for Booth and Laura. Well, there’s always next year!

      Thanks for the compliment, Frank!

      • You’re welcome—and well-deserved!

        Yeah, I can no longer watch that episode. it’s just too brutal. :-[ And for Booth, yeah, that parting scene at the speakeasy gives me the chills as well! Love the look on Laura’s and everyone else’s faces and how everything shuts down after he leaves. Creepy!

  4. Interesting Valentine post Paul! The Twilight Zone is filled with so many emotions.

    “The Long Morrow” and “The Trouble With Templeton” are particularly poignant because they deal with love so deep the person is able to release the one they love so that they can move on with their lives. It’s a selfless love. The best kind of love.

    • Thanks! I think it’s surprising to some people to realize how many episodes of TZ dealt with love, given its reputation as a sci-fi/fantasy/suspense series. Glad you enjoyed the post!

  5. What about “The Last Rites of Jeff Myrtlebank”? I have always loved the romance in that episode.

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