TZ Christmas Gifts

Chances are, you’ve got a Twilight Zone fan in your life. Makes gift-giving easy, right? In addition to DVDs and Blu-rays of the series itself, there are books, posters, t-shirts and lots of other memorabilia to outfit your fifth-dimension fan in style.TZ lunchbox

But what if that fan already has just about everything? Fellow TZ fanatic @WendyLovesJesus and I have you covered. Throughout December, we compiled a daily “just for fun” list of what we hashtagged #TZChristmasGifts.

Here’s a list of what we came up with, with the referenced episode in parentheses at the end of each gift. I took the odd-numbered dates; Wendy took the even. Enjoy!

DEC. 1: Lunch at the Busy Bee diner (home of the Mystic Seer), a roll of pennies, and unlimited iced coffees. (Nick of Time)

DEC. 2: Gift certificate good for one “Transformation”. Your choice of Number 8 or 12. (Number 12 Looks Just Like You)

DEC. 3: One free trip through the Peaksville, Ohio, cornfield maze with little Anthony as your tour guide. (It’s A Good Life)

DEC. 4: Tickets to the carnival, a copy of Freud’s “On Dreams”, and a free session with Dr. Rathmann. (Perchance To Dream)

DEC. 5: One gold thimble and a tour of the department store’s ninth floor by the mannequin of your choice. (The After Hours)

DEC. 6: A cuddly hound-dog with a keen sense of smell and a coonskin cap. (The Hunt)

DEC. 7: Two bus tickets to Cortland, N.Y.: one for you, one for your doppelgänger. Straitjacket included. (Mirror Image)

DEC. 8: A can of fried chicken, a ball gown, two jars of peaches, and a date for two at the shooting range. (Two)

DEC. 9: A set of masks crafted by an old Cajun and a Mardi Gras party in New Orleans given in your honor. (The Masks)

DEC. 10: A Talky Tina doll. Says four fun phrases. She’s vise, saw and flame resistant. Be nice to her. (Living Doll)

Talky Tina

DEC. 11: An unending supply of books, unlimited time, and an unbreakable pair of eyeglasses. (Time Enough At Last)

DEC. 12: Two shepherd’s staves, hand-carved by monks in a European monastery. Guaranteed Devil-proof. (The Howling Man)

DEC. 13: A cookbook and a gift certificate for the all-you-can-eat buffet on the Kanamit home planet. (To Serve Man)

DEC. 14: For your midnight trip to the cemetery: A coat, a knife, a shiny gold piece, and a NORTH wind. (The Grave)

DEC. 15: One robot grandmother. Patient, kind, loving — and indestructible. (I Sing The Body Electric)

DEC. 16: A special dictation machine. Start with a name… “His name is P—“. “Be a dear, mix me a drink.” (A World of His Own)

DEC. 17: Plane ticket to Lister’s Pool Room in Chicago. Life-or-death pool game vs. Fats Brown included. (A Game of Pool)

DEC. 18: A barrel of used dolls, all needing some extra TLC. Includes an army major and a ballet dancer. (Five Characters in Search of an Exit)

DEC. 19: A player piano, complete with a variety of rolls guaranteed to reveal your innermost thoughts. (A Piano In the House)

DEC. 20: A tin can. Guaranteed to take you and your friends back to your childhood. Go ahead, kick it. (Kick the Can)

DEC. 21: Train ticket to Willoughby, Conn. Sunlight and serenity included. (A Stop at Willoughby)


DEC. 22: A 14-day trip on the Lady Anne. Lifeboat stocked with provisions and cutter ride included. (Passage on the Lady Anne)

DEC. 23: Bus ticket to Boston. Includes stop at a diner with a self-starting jukebox and a three-eyed cook. (Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up?)

DEC. 24: A wine bottle complete with a genie and four wishes. #ChristmasEveGift A stopwatch. Don’t drop it! (The Man in the Bottle/A Kind of Stopwatch)

DEC. 25: A bottle of cherry brandy — and a Santa bag that gives everyone what they want. (Night of the Meek)

Got another idea for a gift? Feel free to write it in the comments below.

Merry Christmas! Hope we see you on New Year’s Eve for the @SyFy Twilight Zone marathon.


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  1. A fan, light-blocking shades and water (if there is any left) — The Midnight Sun

  2. Binoculars and U-boat commander’s wheel hat (Judgment Day).

    A trumpet and a REALLY good friend (A Passage for Trumpet)

    Your Life’s Script and acting lessons (The Trouble With Templeton).

  3. Good GRIEF! When you told me today that I hadn’t commented on this post, Boss… on THIS post? I honest to God did NOT believe you. I have no idea how this happened. I mean, I know I can be bad for comments, but this is just inexcusable. :-/

    These daily tweets were so much fun to do, especially with you. It was a wonderful way to count down to Christmas. And I can’t wait to see what we come up with this year. :)

    Now how about that bus ticket to Boston? I could go for a cup of coffee and slice of pie at the diner. ;)

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