A “Conservative Liberal”

Polarization in politics — is it the norm these days? It certainly appears to be.

I say “appears to be” because I think this phenomenon is mainly one of perception. Most Americans are somewhere in the middle, but the loudest voices from both ends of the spectrum get the most press. Conflict = eyeballs, so the media have every reason to play up the extremes.



But if, in fact, Americans are becoming less moderate, it’s worth recalling something that Rod Serling said in the November 28, 1961 issue of Show Business Illustrated:

There’s a propensity in our country to polarize things in black-and-white concepts. A man is either this or he is that.

He’s either a Communist or he’s on our side, and I think the reverse is true amongst liberals. If a man happens to be militantly and vehemently anti-Communist, this guy is suspect among the liberals.

I’ve either got to climb into bed with the John Birch group, or I’ve got to move far over to the wild left, where I don’t want to sit, either.

It’s kind of a dilemma of the — you might coin a phrase — conservative liberal. I’d like to dramatize the problem.

In many ways, Serling spent much of his career doing just that. And it’s a good bet we’d all be better off if we made greater efforts to understand the “other side.”

Chances are, we have more in common with them than we think. And we might avoid turning out like the overly suspicious people on Maple Street.


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  1. I’m not on either side. I’m on Christ’s side and am a God-fearing racially harmonious Christian. I don’t stand with the ‘Alt Right’ or with the liberals because they both stand for and represent evil in different ways.

    The ‘Alt Right'(which is not the REAL Right-cause the REAL right IS NOT racist) is the fake right trying to introduce racism into Christianity.

    The ‘Liberal Left’ is anti Christ, pro LGBTQ, pro pedophilia, pro feminism, pro racism(quiet as it’s kept) and want to destroy Handsome heterosexual White Christian males(Totally unacceptable) as well as TRUE Christianity with their Luciferian agenda.

    I’m a racially harmonious Christian, a multi-ethnic woman of color and a miscegenator who ADORES MEN and the men I prefer to date(and the man I will marry) happen to be White. So NEITHER of those satanic sides appeals to me in ANY way. I’m team Christ all the way and only stand for the values HE represents, not the Luciferian left or the fake right.

    If you ask me. The left and the alt right are secretly working together to destroy the good name of Christianity by causing confusion and division with evil wick veiled plots. Both sides are bad news so avoid them BOTH and serve Christ ONLY!!!

  2. And I’m heterosexual.

  3. That said, I pray God delivers and saves those on the ‘left’ and on the fake right. May they both receive the true salvation of Christ while there is still hope.

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